Crazy Elements is the best elementor based page builder for PrestaShop
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As a PrestaShop user, you know that managing PrestaShop content is complicated and cumbersome.

When we create a page, we have to refresh it from time to time and control it from inside the admin. It wastes a lot of time as a PrestaShop user. We all know that time is of the essence in business.

What if we could easily manage the content and products of PrestaShop from one place without any hassle?

You will be happy to know that an amazing solution to this problem has come. From now on, you can manage the content of the PrestaShop site from one place instantly in real-time only by drag-drop with the live editor.

The ClassyDevs team, who have been working with Prestashop for a long time, have created this excellent drag and drop page builder module just like the WordPress Elementor Page Builder.


They named this page builder Crazy Elements. The name is crazy, isn't it? It can do a lot of crazy things in Prestashop, which will surprise you. We will discuss it later.

What exactly are Crazy Elements for PrestaShop?


Crazy Elements is a Powerful  PrestaShop Page Builder that lets you build beautiful PrestaShop websites most easily and quickly as possible.

What is so different about Crazy Elements from other Page Builder?

The significant difference is that you can reach an out of a box design while designing in the live editor and on your site's front end.

Crazy Elements is the leading and currently the only frontend page builder to offer limitless design possibilities. It combines dozens of helpful widgets, an amazingly designed template library, a different mobile editing toolset, a visual revision history feature and much more.

How do Crazy Elements Page Builder work?


Crazy Elements is a page builder PrestaShop module that substitutes the basic PrestaShop editor with a live frontend editor, so you can build complex layouts visually and design your website live without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode. 

The page builder enables you to reach a top-notch design quality without using code or CSS without relying on developers for help.

The user interface is much user-friendly, so it only takes a few minutes to get its hang. We've built Crazy Elements with the latest technology and have regularly updated it since our launch in October 2020, so the whole page builder is optimised and fast responding.

That means, for example, that when you drag and drop widgets, it is done immediately, without any delay time at all.

Crazy Features of Crazy elements that will amaze you

Let’s see some craziest features of this page builder!


Cross-Domain Copy Paste

This feature allows you to copy sections or blocks from one domain and paste them into another domain. This great feature will finish your repetitive work at once. Watch the tutorial on how its work.

Custom CSS

This excellent option will increase the freedom of your design ability. You can easily design your own by inserting a custom class with CSS code in any elements you like. See How

Icon Manager


The  Icon Manager provides access to more than 1,500 free Font Awesome 5 icons and includes an interface for managing your icon. Proper application of icons helps to enhance the user experience.

Font Manager

Font manager is another craziest feature of this page builder. You can add and manage your custom fonts easily. Watch tutorial

Page Export Import

An impeccable feature of this Crazy Elements is the Page Export-Import feature. After you export the page content, you can import it again. This feature will allow you to retrieve your lost page easily. Lets See How to do it.

Template Library


Crazy Elements Template Library gives you access to 50+ premade Page layouts and Blocks, all with premium high-end stock images, which you can use freely on your site.

How to install Crazy Elements

This module is fantastic in one word. It will allow you to reduce your working hours further. It has a relatively low price and comes with a money-back guarantee. So we suggest you try it. Let us know what you think.

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