Answers to your Questions about PrestaShop 1.7
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Answers to your Questions about PrestaShop 1.7
PrestaShop has launched PrestaShop 1.7, the latest software version. It was developed with the help of user feedback from the last few years. Today, over 250,000 online stores use PrestaShop to sell their products. What do these sellers need to know?

How can I upgrade my store to 1.7? Developers are updating the one-click upgrade module to work with the transition to version 1.7. Take note that this module will only deal with your store\'s data. The theme and modules will be those used by default, and your theme from version 1.5/1.6 will be deactivated, as will all of your third-party modules. Be sure to consider that before updating! We strongly recommend you get in touch with our partner agencies and developers to make sure that your move to version 1.7 goes off without a hitch.

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